Projects At The Show

International Strategic Alliance Initiative

Dubai Land Department’s Dubai Property Show has introduced a new initiative for our exhibitors called International Strategic Alliance Initiative where we will be connecting our exhibitors with key partners in international markets across China, Russia, UK, and India to promote their projects globally throughout the year in our key markets namely.

These alliances will be initiated in the top 4 markets for Dubai real estate – China, UK, India, and Russia. Within these markets, we will create alliances with top real estate firms, associations. Foreign Developers, real estate consultants, wealth management firms. Chartered accountant firms. On-Line portals and many other key channel partners.

We understand that every new alliance and partnership is best created when ‘people meet together ‘. For this reason, the Dubai Land Departments. Dubai property show will be used as a launch pad and platform for the international strategic alliance initiative: as this exhibition brings people together and has an existing traction in these markets.